Cheerleaders and a couple of Harpies.

Raw, Raw,Raw, Go Chaos!
I have finally finished 9 cheerleaders, these are acting as my Pink horror models. I enjoy saying "Eat flaming pom pom's!" at my enemy when these girls shoot. Most of these are form the blood bowl range, one Mordheim model and of course a daemonette who acts as the changeling.  There are still 7 more models left to paint for this unit but for now these nine are going to Gottacon so I needed them totally finished.

 And i also needed 2 more Chaos Furies for my Gottacon list so I finished these 2 off as well


  1. Hehe that's a great idea although I think I am going to be having nightmares tonight. Evil cheerleaders... Are you going to get a Bolt of Tzeentch for the unit?

  2. I don't usually pay for the bolt of Tzeentch its pretty pricey and only one shot and she usually misses, so it feels like a waste. I take it if I need to fill out some extra points, like for an apocalypse game or something. by not taking it though you can have an extra cheerleader with 3 more shots. Its better given to the unit of flamers.