Last weekend we hosted a Terrain building weekend at the Rabbit Hole. I wish that I could match Ricalope's Productivity, Of building and painting a tables worth of terrain in one weekend, but I doubt there is many who can, so I will endeavour to at least finish what i did make. it took me all week to finish them but i managed it. here is what i made.
A bridge

A silo of sorts...

and i decided to add some steam punky type stuff to my already existing stone buildings


Project ADD

I have been bouncing all over the place with my productivity lately. I keep falling into the "I will do a blog post once I finish something" slump. Well considering that I am having a hard time sticking to one project for more than a day or two at a time, I'm slowly getting lots done but nothing complete to show for it. I have been painting Castle mountain and it is almost half finished just a few touch ups to do once I finish the other half piece.

Yes, pink missiles.

I have been painting my Warmachine Cryxx army as I want to play with them at Gottacon 2012.

I have been working on assembling a collection of RPG minis as I have a tendency to use battle maps a lot when I am Scene Lording. I have actually finished one but thats because its one of the victims i play in one of the bi weekly campaigns i partake in. Pictures of these will be posted in my other blog but here is a sneak peak if you don't feel like clicking the link.

Want more info or pictures of these minis go here: A Girls Geeky adventures


Treasure and mushrooms!

I am going to apologize now, My posting will be far and few and between till after July. I have other hobbies and projects on the go right now that are getting almost all of my dedication and time so that they are done for the end of June. I will probably post more on my other blog for that though so If you still want to see what I am up to you can check out here for that: my geeky adventures.
I have finally gotten around to finishing painting these. Previously unpainted here.

 I also put together these markers sometime a while ago, but they are now fully painted ready for use.

These were actually really simple to paint, I don't know why I procrastinated so long.
As soon as I am done farming mushrooms I will be back to painting the mountain.


new pirate gun ship

Ok I am not the only one who thinks of the Dark Eldar as Pirate Space Elves, right.?
I have caught the Dark Eldar bug. I cant stop thinking about them I woke up this morning because I was assembling Dark Eldar in my dreams and I knew I was dreaming so I decided to get up and do it for real. I spent yesterday building this ravager. I have a feeling I am going to be going through a lot of boxes of Wytches. I broke into the box of Wytches when building this to replace the bow gunner and the helmsman with Wytch bodies, and I stole the cool helmets out of the Wytch box for the side gunners heads.

 It is still in a lot of pieces because I will glue some of it together after painting. I assume this is going to be a painting nightmare already so anything to make it easier right. I have left all the moveable pieces unglued so it is fully functional, its nifty how many moving parts there are in this kit. I'm really excited about this newly re-vamped line of miniatures since I've really been only biding my time till they come out. I have been pining for dark Eldar since I started with this hobby, But I was advised by Ricalope to wait till the new codex and line of minis came out, He was right, It is worth the wait. I am glad I have more experience as a hobbyist now as otherwise I would have destroyed these delicate pieces. I didn't use 5 of the warriors that came in this kit and I'm sure I'm going to need another one, then I'll have 10 warriors at this rate I won't need to buy any ever, especially since I wasn't planing on it. This kit has a ton of extra bits and on a bacon and cheese awesome scale it is uber bacon and cheesy. I am so Excited!


Warmachine Cryx battle force

I've chosen to do a Skarre Queen of the broken coast themed list. this is 7 points so far.
Skarre Queen of the Broken coast

Satyxis Raiders Sea Witch

Satyxis Raiders