Keeper of Secrets Chaladran PIP

Ok so Ricalope has prompted me to do a paint in process post about Chaladran, I quite often don't post until the model is fully painted but this one is taking me a while and I guess its better to post more often. (people like sneak peaks). So here it is the first 4 stages of paint, I figure its going to take 7 stages to finish her. I decided that this time I'm going to post the steps of paint used as well, for future reference and in case any one wanted to know. sorry some of the pics didn't turn out so well.
Stage 1
Base coat of Hormagaunt purple
Wash of Leviathan purple
Heavy Drybrush 50% Hormagaunt purple, 50% white
Light Drybrush 75% white, 25% Hormagaunt purple

Stage 2
Claws, Horns & feet
Base coat Litch purple
Drybrush of Hormagaunt purple
Wash of Black
Highlight of Black 
Stage 3
Ribbing, little claws, hooves & nails
Ribbing on skin
Base coat of 50% Litch purple, 50% Warlock purple
Mid tone of  Warlock purple
Highlight of Blazing orange
Ribbing on horns and Claws
Base coat Black
Mid tone 75% Litch purple, 25% warlock purple
Highlight Warlock purple

Hooves, nails and little claws
Base coat of Bleached bone
Wash of 75% warlock purple, 25% Litch purple
Highlight of bleached bone
Stage 4
 Details, Tabbard, skeletons, sand & nipples
Basecoat White
Small circle of Enchanted blue leaving white corners
slits of black in center of blue circle for pupil
Generous wash of levatan purple leaving a ring around the base to create the aerola of the nipple
50% Litch purple, 50% Warlock purple
Highlight of Warlock purple

Tabbard & Sword Handle
Base coat 25% Dark angels green, 75% Regal blue
Mid tone Hawk Turquoise
Highlight Ice Blue
Base coat Regal blue
Midtone Enchanted blue
Highlight Ice blue

Base coat Kemri brown
Midtone Desert yellow
Highlight bleached bone
Base coat bleached bone
Leviathan purple wash
Highlight bleached bone

Veins and labia
Wash of leviathan purple

Heavy drybrush Shadow grey
drybrush bubonic brown

Stage 5 will be metallics, stage 6 gems and touch ups, stage 7 grass, rim job and name. I have a hard time putting her down as every time I do she roars in my head. The whole paint job on this model had gone very smoothly so far. I had no idea how it was going to look and i only sorta know now because its close to being finished. Each step of the way I put paint on the brush and she tells me where to put it. Not so sure its a good thing that a greater daemon is whispering so sweetly in my head, but hey I dammed my self from the beginning point of deciding to collect this army. And now just barley silenced by the greater daemon on the paint table in line before her, I have a newly primed Lust grinder I commissioned Ricalope to build for me waiting to be painted next. I'm pretty sure the only reason she isn't screaming in my head yet is because Chaladran is silencing her till im finished.

Finished Trees and a Gazebo

ok these have been finished for a few weeks now but when I last tried to post about it I realised that I didn't take enough pictures, and then it took me a while to remember to take more pics. well I finally remembered this morning. The top of the gazebo is removeable for ease of taking models in and out of it.

14 trees so far and I have enough supplies to make 14 more. for the amount of jungle I want for a table this is just the begining Ill probably need like 20 more after that.  more terrain is in the works I am working towards being able to play a planet strike on my daemon world. so walls are in order soon


Keeper Of Secrets putty finished

The poll I took for this helped me to decide to go with the more feminine form. This took 4 bouts of putty to do, apparently I didn't take pictures except for after the first bout and the last bout of putty. I think she turned out quite well and there is no denying that she is female. I had fun sculpting this and I even gave her visible genitalia.

I look forward to painting her. Hopefully I'll be able to prime soon. 

Pink Whores Command and some other putty work done

I finally got around to doing some puttying that has been needing to be done for a while. And I did up the conversion ideas I had for the command for my unit of whores. Keeping in the cheerleader theme of this unit I decided that the Changeling character upgrade should be a daemonette with pompoms. The champion is the Mordheim Countess Marianna Chevaux given pompoms and the musician is the blood bowl chaos cheerleader with a few modifications.
I finished off the last flamer I had started, making that unit 6 so far.
And I finished off the last 2 furies I had on the go as well.
now if it would only stop raining so I could prime.


More Daemonettes

I finally got the 5 daemonettes to compleate my first unit of 15 finished. I have five more for the second unit but they still only have skin tones done. But here are the pics of the finished five. They are even fully based.


A bunch of basing

I haven't posted in a while, but this is my third post today. My problem is that I multi task my geek stuff so much that it takes me a while to bring any one thing to compleation. It feels like it takes me forever to get anything done but then all of a sudden I have a whole bunch of stuff finished off around the same time and it feels like I have been ubber productive. Here are pics of what I finally got around to basing.
 1 Champion Fiend Bahira, (work in progress pics here)
Daemon Princess Sevorinia, (work in progress pics here)
and Daemon Princess Doranii. (work in progress pics here)
They look way better now that they are based.