Planetstrike game

I teamed up with Chris and his chaos marines in a 4000 pt (200pts ea.) planet strike game against Ricalope and 4000 pts of his Imperial guard. Here is the army list I fielded for this game.
This is my Daemonic royalty, It consists of 2 Heralds, 2 princesses and a prince.
These are my troops, 2 Units of 15 Daemonettes and one unit of 12 Pink Whores.

This is my Fast attack, a unit of 8 Chaos Furies.
This is my Elites, A unit of 1 Fiend and  unit of 5 Flamers.

The battle was bloody and close we did end up loosing but it was close right to the end. Im not good at the battle report thing so you won't get a detailed report but here are some battle shots of my army. The unit that takes the battle honors for this game is the unit of furies cause they took and held an objective from the second turn on.

Barely any of the pictures of chris's army turned out.

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  1. I believe the warp was effecting the camera that day...