I call him squirt.
I like his beady little turquoise eyes

Skarre Queen Of The Broken Coast

Originally I built her and put her on a medium sized base so that I could fit extra stuff on her base but then before I was finished painting I came to the realization that I cant do that.She is supposed to be on a small sized base and I wanted to bring her to a tourney so I had to make it legal.
So I took her off the wood and decided to just make the open space water. I like the way it turned out.

I"m quite proud of the way she turned out. She has Big animé eyes.


The Brewery

The Build pictures

Painted Pictures

mmmmm booze.

Castle Mountain Finished

I am quite behind on posts right now, this has been finished since Gottacon. As I finished it just in time for it to be played on by tournament players. I myself did not play in the tournament this year, but it was awesome seeing people enjoying the tables i brought to contibute. Here are pictures from Gottacon.

People playing on all 3 of my tables, castle mountain is in the middle.
I haven't taken any close up pictures but I figured the ones of these battles would do fine.
As I mentioned I did not play in the 40K tournament this year, I only played in the Warmachine doubles tournament. I was sad about the lack of really awesome terrain for the Warmachine tournament this year so I am determined to help that by having a few tables to provide for it for next year. I am already working on a 'water table'. Posts of that to come eventually.