Gottacon 2010 pics

As the pictures have been trickling in I have been pilfering and collecting them to share. My daemonette costume turned out well. And yes i played 3 games of Warhammer while wearing a corset it was actually not as uncomfortable as one would think. but after 14 hrs of being painted purple I did want a shower badly, and I still didn't get one for another 5hrs. What a gaming marathon. next time i bring a towel and a cloth, and a cooler full of snackies (as that would have made my day go smoother I was getting quite cranky by the end).
I'm still kicking myself for not making a point to get some pics on my camera. next year I will be more prepared. This was my first convention and gaming marathon, to that extent and now I know what to expect sort of. IT WAS AWESOMELY OVERWHELMING. And I am still recovering. Hopefully there will be more pictures to add to this sooner than later but for now this is what Ive got.
EDIT: New pics...(as i find them I'll add them in here)

the corset for this costume was made custom for me by Julie


Pink Whores (PIP)

These 9 were the whores that i took to Gottacon with me. I ran out of time so I just made sure that they were fully basecoated. They still need a lot of touchups and highlights but they were good enough for the time that I had.
there was tons of inspiration for me at the convention, and I have massive terrain ideas floating around in my head. I barely survived Gottacon I am sick now from lowering my immune system from that insane gaming long weekend.I didn't take many pictures and forgot to get any of me in my costume on saturday, so once I track down some of the many that were taken I will post them for you. I have only been working on terrain because im sick and its fun and easy. I will eventually get back to finishing these and the seekers but for now im trying to take it easy and get my health back up.

Gottacon winnings and inspiration

I did really well with my army at Gottacon. I got many many compliments and Wow's and no fairs(due to the short period of time I have been painting for, and the skill level that I seem to be displaying). Most people were very impressed with me and my army. I got many votes for best painted and placed Fourth or tied for Fourth or something like that, I have been told. It was a close race form what I was told. There was no prize for fourth, but to me its bragging rights in its own. There were 44, 40k players in the tourney and to have been that high up, in the best painted with my first army in my first tournament is pretty darn good. (Especially with 2 units not finished, only basecoated.) Next year I will do better. In the Apocalypse game Fri night I won a Bastion and some basing stuff and a laser targeter, and this is what I have done with the bastion so far. I realized that we are out of primer so it will have to wait to be painted.
For the Tournament I borrowed objective markers off Ricalope from his Fantasy collection. Having my own objective markers was good because most of the time my opponent didn't have any. So This has inspired me to make my own, this is what I have come up with: (they still need to be painted but that will have to wait till after we get more primer)