Gottacon 2010 pics

As the pictures have been trickling in I have been pilfering and collecting them to share. My daemonette costume turned out well. And yes i played 3 games of Warhammer while wearing a corset it was actually not as uncomfortable as one would think. but after 14 hrs of being painted purple I did want a shower badly, and I still didn't get one for another 5hrs. What a gaming marathon. next time i bring a towel and a cloth, and a cooler full of snackies (as that would have made my day go smoother I was getting quite cranky by the end).
I'm still kicking myself for not making a point to get some pics on my camera. next year I will be more prepared. This was my first convention and gaming marathon, to that extent and now I know what to expect sort of. IT WAS AWESOMELY OVERWHELMING. And I am still recovering. Hopefully there will be more pictures to add to this sooner than later but for now this is what Ive got.
EDIT: New pics...(as i find them I'll add them in here)

the corset for this costume was made custom for me by Julie

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