The Masque Of Slaanesh, Lucia

I did this one a little while ago after the First unit of Daemonettes and before the second one. Im quite happy with the way she turned out.

Keeper Of Secrets WIP, Chaladran

This is my Keeper of Secrets. As my army so far is entirely female and I plan to continue it that way. I tried to think of how to make this model look female. I thought about getting a substitute female body to use but I could not find one that was the right size I even looked at toys. I thought about sculpting it. instead i have put it together with some extra talons and I am Deciding whether to add putty to make it appear more female or making it the only male in my army and giving him a big set of balls and a leopard print tabbard in the front only.

Daemon Princess WIP, Sevorinia

This is the new Daemon princess I'm working on. I used one of the Inquisitor range Severina and Sevora Devout models and i gave her dark Pegasus wings. She still needs putty but then again so do most of my models as I'm not that good at it so I have a bad habit of putting it off.


Pink Whores PIP

This is going to be my unit of Pink Whores. (Pink horors of Tzeentch)
Keeping in theme with my sexy army the actual miniatures do not go, so inspired by ricalope I am using Cheerleader models from the blood bowl range.
This one is a tester of the color scheme. I like the idea of candy pink and white stripes.
So far i have finished all of their skin tones and started bse coat on some.

I will post more as they progress.

A Terrain break

I decided to take a break from painting. So I started making terrain for my daemon world. My idea is that my daemons have taken over a maiden world in the Eye of Terror. Lush jungle everywhere.
I am going to put some more rocks and maybe some crystal clusters on the bases and base them like the rest of my army.

The plants are Aquarium plants and the bases are circles cut out of plastic card.

I decided that I wanted a Gazebo.

The roof is not actually attached yet I am thinking of making it removable. and i think vines crawling up the poles would be a nice touch.
A pile of rocks with some plants growing out of it.
Im thinking of calling this one the grotto.
The tree has a nice hole in the trunk that im thining of filling with crystal shards.
I am planning on painting the rocks but im going to leave the plants as they are. It would be too much troubble to paint them plus its a daemon world that explains anything wierd colored.


Lions Tigers And Daemons Oh My!

This conversion consists of Morhathi on dark Pegasus minus the Pegasus i gave her daemonette legs and claws and mounted her on a sabretusk from the ogre hunter She is going to be A Herald.
I haven't picked out a name for her yet. And she needs lots more putty I have to re-sculpt her hand around the chain she is holding and fill in some more gaps ect.
These are the seekers I am making for her to ride with
I am using daemonettes and lions from the high elf chariot and sabretusks from the ogre hunter some chain and lots of green stuff.

This is the hardest conversion I have yet attempted and I am struggling with it. so its slow going. so there will be lots of updates on these ones.

Daemon Princess Doranni

Ricalope brought me home this model one day. She is a Reaper mini but I don't care she is hot so I turned her into a Daemon Princess.
The wings are added and so are the claws. She still needs to be based but I play with her anyways and she kicks alot of ass.
I use slaves as wound markers. As She goes through battle she collects slaves and when she gets too many slaves she gets distracted and goes back to the warp with her slaves.

Fiend of Slaanesh

This is the first Fiend I picked up The only upgrades you can give them is gifting one with unholy Might so this one gets an extra arm and a special base to set it apart as the champion.

It still needs basing and some highlights and a wash or two but its almost done.

Flamers WIP

After using up a lot of daemonette arms on my other conversions I had alot of torso's kicking around, needing more fire power I decided to convert Flamers.

Most of these are ready for paint only a couple of putty touch ups to do on some. I will post pics of paint in progress.

Chaos Furies WIP

I decided that i didn't like the Chaos Furies models. They didn't really go along with my sexy female army plan. So for my second set of major conversions i decided to make my own. I started converting dark elves and dark eldar. By giving them harpie wings and daemonette claws. I even converted a few actual harpies.

They still are not quite finished but i will post completed pics once they are painted.

Intro and Daemmonettes

Hi, Welcome to my Gaming Blog.
I have been dating and living with an avid war-gamer for a while now so i guess being a gamer myself it would only be a mater of time before i picked it up. I decided that I really enjoyed the looks of the Daemons specifically the Slaaneshi daemons. (no Surprise to any who know me) I tried painting a couple of times before and with a master painter to teach me i picked up on it quickly. After reading the rulebooks and deciding what bases to put them on. I picked up my first box of daemonettes June 09. I put the models together without converting them to see if i could actually commit to painting the entire box before deciding to truly go ahead with this new hobby. The ideas I had in vision for this army are way beyond what I am told a Beginner to this hobby normally attempts. But I didn't let that discourage me.
This is the first unit of daemonettes I did as a trial unit.
(The dates on the pictures lie I have a bad habit of not setting the camera dates and time when I change the batteries)

I think they came out quite well and I even Freehanded tattoos on each one. I was so happy with them that I decided the next box would get converted. I don't like that each daemonette only comes with one breast and no nipples so first thing to do is sculpt a new breast on each one and give them nipples. (the nipples are beads found inside a Brita water filter)
I also decided that the needed more arms so I gave each one another arm.

This second unit turned out quite well too. After a few games of both units getting almost wiped out in the shooting phase i decided that maybe they needed to be squads of 15 instead of 10 so i am making more to join these squads.