A Terrain break

I decided to take a break from painting. So I started making terrain for my daemon world. My idea is that my daemons have taken over a maiden world in the Eye of Terror. Lush jungle everywhere.
I am going to put some more rocks and maybe some crystal clusters on the bases and base them like the rest of my army.

The plants are Aquarium plants and the bases are circles cut out of plastic card.

I decided that I wanted a Gazebo.

The roof is not actually attached yet I am thinking of making it removable. and i think vines crawling up the poles would be a nice touch.
A pile of rocks with some plants growing out of it.
Im thinking of calling this one the grotto.
The tree has a nice hole in the trunk that im thining of filling with crystal shards.
I am planning on painting the rocks but im going to leave the plants as they are. It would be too much troubble to paint them plus its a daemon world that explains anything wierd colored.

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