Flamers WIP

After using up a lot of daemonette arms on my other conversions I had alot of torso's kicking around, needing more fire power I decided to convert Flamers.

Most of these are ready for paint only a couple of putty touch ups to do on some. I will post pics of paint in progress.


  1. I am lovin' the chaos banshees. Tzeench is pleased.

  2. I Guess the Date on your Camara was off a few years?

    Back to the topic:
    Interasting idea you have there
    I think i will try make some alike
    but without a tail and a (Dryad) Claw arm
    as they only have 2WS

    Maybe it's Slaanesh who is Pleased?
    as they look like a Offspring of a Dæmonette and Flamer
    and we all know who the female seducer are
    also dosn't look like one of Tzeench's Twisted Creations

    I know it's not Khornenettes
    but in many Comics found around the Web Slaanesh and Khorne Seems to have an Partner Relation ship
    (maybe just the Dæmonettes and Bloodletters/Khorne Berzerkers?)