Cheerleaders and a couple of Harpies.

Raw, Raw,Raw, Go Chaos!
I have finally finished 9 cheerleaders, these are acting as my Pink horror models. I enjoy saying "Eat flaming pom pom's!" at my enemy when these girls shoot. Most of these are form the blood bowl range, one Mordheim model and of course a daemonette who acts as the changeling.  There are still 7 more models left to paint for this unit but for now these nine are going to Gottacon so I needed them totally finished.

 And i also needed 2 more Chaos Furies for my Gottacon list so I finished these 2 off as well


New Updated Gottacon list

Okay so I realised after the first trial game with the Gottacon tournament list I had previously picked out that my list was 50pts short. So I needed to revise it, unfortunately for a 1750 pt tournament list I don't have too much leeway of how I can alter my list as is only have about 2700pts built and 2000pts fully painted. Here is the list I am planning on taking as it has the least amount of finishing touches needed.
-1herald of Slaanesh with unholy might, transfixing gaze(attached to a unit of daemonettes)65pts
-1herald of Slaanesh on mount with unholy might, transfixing gaze(attached to a unit of seekers)80pts
-1herald of Slaanesh on mount with unholy might, transfixing gaze(attached to a unit of seekers)80pts
-10 deamonettes with champion and icon upgrade170pts
-10 deamonettes with champion and icon upgrade 170pts
-9 Pink horrors with icon and changeling upgrade 183pts
-2 Fiends one with unholy might 70pts
-6 flamers 210pts
Fast attack
-6 seekers 132pts
-7 seekers 149pts
-8 chaos furies 120pts
Heavy support
-1 soul grinder 135pts
-1daemon Princess with mark of slaanesh daemonic flight, breath of chaos, aura of acquessence, 185pts
Army Total=1749pts
Any tactic tips would be appreciated.


More terrain for Gottacon!

I am excited that Rabbit Hole Games, will be providing a large amount of terrain for Gottacon. So I have been trying to get as much terrain as I can, finished before then.
Now Rabbit hole games is what we have decided is going to be the official name of the gaming group we have been growing over in my neck of the woods. Ricalope and I have quite the little haven of geekery going in our domicile and we have accumulated a group gamers. There is often some sort of game happening, so in order to try to keep a bulletin board of what's going on in the Rabbit hole as our house is affectionately called we have created a blog network. Check it out if you want to find out more.

Some more trees

I liked the oasis I made so much, that I decided I needed 3 more.


some more details

So last year about this time I had these seekers that I was wanting to take to Gottacon so I made sure they were mostly finished as in all the base coats at least finished. WIP pics herePIP pics here. Well I still plan on taking them to Gottacon again this year so I decided they should get properly finished, here they are with all their details.
 Judith of course is a herald but she got painted with the unit so her pictures got taken at the same time too.