Centaurii Daemonettes?

After painting Lilith I got the great idea to make daemonette centaurs, to count as seekers. Now, I have not abandoned my last seeker plan, I'm just struggling with the conversions of them so much that I have deemed them beyond my hobby skills at this point in time. I have set them aside for now and come up with an alternative that is an easier conversion for me to do. This way I can still have a unit of seekers soon, and then when I feel I'm better equipped for the challenge, I will pick the cat mounted girls back up again and then I will have two units of seekers. Besides this idea is equally as cool. So here they are the first four before priming. I didn't do in between step pictures of the build so all your getting is final product here, as this was the tester set. There will be more to come soon, I am just waiting for a mail order of bases and more elven steeds. of course ill have to do the command upgrades for this unit and I'm almost finished the one with the Icon (not shown here).
Also I'm working on a Herald to run with this unit, and she is only a few putty stages away from being finished so maybe within the week ill be posting that too.

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