Warmachine Cryx battle force

I've chosen to do a Skarre Queen of the broken coast themed list. this is 7 points so far.
Skarre Queen of the Broken coast

Satyxis Raiders Sea Witch

Satyxis Raiders


New Beginnings

Yup I'm starting a new 40K army. Dark Eldar. I am making them Pleasure cultists and their paint designs are going to resemble Slaanesh's symbol. I will work on some fluff to go along with it. 
 Of course the Helliarch is female, as my army is going to be Matriarchal. 

I know no conversions on these ones but thats ok they are just the first box.


Castle mountain Part 2

Everything is now glued down and set in place. A bunch of gap filling and rubble making later, and now it is ready for priming. Gap filling and rubble took a lot longer than I had anticipated, It sure looks better now though. I was so excited to start painting that I forgot to take pictures until after I started painting the foam bits black. Which is the next step before spray priming. So halfway finished I remembered, due to prompting from Ricalope mind you.

I am eager to paint this and have 3 days off after today, so the next post will probably come soon.


Castle Mountain part 1

If you have seen Ricalope's Death mountain then you probably have mountain envy too. But You probably don't see the source of your envy on a daily basis. So the solution to this problem is clearly build my own mountain right, ok well a full day of non stop work and one after work evening later here is the beginnings of my Castle mountain. Ricalope is nick naming it Fantasy mountain and suggests that I put a grail shaped light at the top but that just keeps making that scene and the lines of those girls from Monty python go through my head over and over ... far too perilous, far too perilous. but with further adieu here is the beginning of my castle mountain.

  It is 2 pieces that when put together are 4ft long by 2ft wide by 2ft tall. more to come later it still needs rubble and some of the pieces are not finished being glued on. But this is a big project so WIP posts is a must.


Gottacon Aftermath

 Oh my Goddess! What an amazing convention. I had a phenomenal time. I did Way better than I ever could have dreamed of doing in the 40K tournament. My Army list also did much better than was expected.
                                              I won First over all.!!
                           (thats me in the red and black, yes we had prize girls.)
I was shocked, I started shaking as I walked up to receive my prize, and after prize pictures were taken, I walked back stunned and then started crying a little bit. Such a girl reaction. But one that is kind of expected for me.

First game Saturday, Capture and control mission. I am playing against Chaos space marines Slaanesh themed. My opponent looks at my Army and Says Oh shit boys who forgot to pray to Slaanesh this morning? End of game I hold my objective and contest his. I look at his Army and say Ok boys next time more Debauchery! This game was a great game and My opponent was enjoyable to play against this was my second favourite game.
  Second game Saturday, I am playing against Blood angels. Squig hunt. This game was confusing, but fun, because of fluff, the details of the mission needed to be more concise. The table I was playing on had almost no line of sight blocking and no cover, which screwed me over. I lost the game 1 point to 2.
  Third game Saturday, Inhiliation mission. I am playing Orks I play on a regular basis against, we have a standing vendetta already. I win this one probably because we have to call the game at the end of the fourth turn due to running over time too long but then again, I had 60% of my army left to his 30%.
  First game Sunday, Objective based game, 4 objectives. I am playing against Another blood angels list. We tie with 1 held and one contested each.
   Second game Sunday, Assassination mission I am playing against Chaos space marines, I win this one by 4 points. This game was a ton of fun we laughed and joked around a lot This was my favourite game of the weekend.
  Sorry I didn't get any pictures of my battles all the pictures I'm posting are stolen, my camera didn't have batteries and I didn't have time, or remember to get more when I could. We played a Zombies!! game Friday night that I won and one Saturday night that I totally bombed at.
  All in all it was a very successful weekend for me.
                                 There were 5 tables of daemon world there.
                                             (thats me in the purple robe.)