Castle Mountain part 1

If you have seen Ricalope's Death mountain then you probably have mountain envy too. But You probably don't see the source of your envy on a daily basis. So the solution to this problem is clearly build my own mountain right, ok well a full day of non stop work and one after work evening later here is the beginnings of my Castle mountain. Ricalope is nick naming it Fantasy mountain and suggests that I put a grail shaped light at the top but that just keeps making that scene and the lines of those girls from Monty python go through my head over and over ... far too perilous, far too perilous. but with further adieu here is the beginning of my castle mountain.

  It is 2 pieces that when put together are 4ft long by 2ft wide by 2ft tall. more to come later it still needs rubble and some of the pieces are not finished being glued on. But this is a big project so WIP posts is a must.


  1. No not more mountain envy... Now I have to make a mountain XD
    Awesome job btw.