Blog Title Change

Hey all, sorry about the possible confusion over my Blog title Change. I have made the decision to pick up a different army for a different game, and the plans for a Dark Eldar army have been stewing around in my head for quite some time now. Since, I don't really want to split up my wargame posts and have to maintain yet another blog (two is enough), it was time for a change of title.
I am really excited about the Warmachine order that came in yesterday.

I am starting to collect a Satyxis (pirate) themed, Cryx army for Warmachine. Now to open these up and start building.


Slaanesh wants Chocolate!

MMMMmmm Chocolate. Happy bunny day to all. Today we celebrated, with an Easter egg hunt. 600 Pts, 3 person free for all. We used the War Without End rule from the Battle Missions codex, and Random Deployment rule. The objective of the game was to find as many eggs as you could. A model picked up an egg when it moved into base contact with an egg by ending a movement. If a model perished it drops its eggs. So you can steal eggs from your opponents, there was a lot of horde swapping once the end of the game was drawing to a close. I managed to come in second, after foolishly gambling my horde to Chris and then stealing Ricalope's.
The game was a lot of fun. Here are some of the pictures from the game
As a side note I just had a new Display/Cary case built for my army for the next tournament I take it to. I plan on building a diorama or two for it.
here is the case and once I build the diorama ill post pics of that too.