Gottacon Aftermath

 Oh my Goddess! What an amazing convention. I had a phenomenal time. I did Way better than I ever could have dreamed of doing in the 40K tournament. My Army list also did much better than was expected.
                                              I won First over all.!!
                           (thats me in the red and black, yes we had prize girls.)
I was shocked, I started shaking as I walked up to receive my prize, and after prize pictures were taken, I walked back stunned and then started crying a little bit. Such a girl reaction. But one that is kind of expected for me.

First game Saturday, Capture and control mission. I am playing against Chaos space marines Slaanesh themed. My opponent looks at my Army and Says Oh shit boys who forgot to pray to Slaanesh this morning? End of game I hold my objective and contest his. I look at his Army and say Ok boys next time more Debauchery! This game was a great game and My opponent was enjoyable to play against this was my second favourite game.
  Second game Saturday, I am playing against Blood angels. Squig hunt. This game was confusing, but fun, because of fluff, the details of the mission needed to be more concise. The table I was playing on had almost no line of sight blocking and no cover, which screwed me over. I lost the game 1 point to 2.
  Third game Saturday, Inhiliation mission. I am playing Orks I play on a regular basis against, we have a standing vendetta already. I win this one probably because we have to call the game at the end of the fourth turn due to running over time too long but then again, I had 60% of my army left to his 30%.
  First game Sunday, Objective based game, 4 objectives. I am playing against Another blood angels list. We tie with 1 held and one contested each.
   Second game Sunday, Assassination mission I am playing against Chaos space marines, I win this one by 4 points. This game was a ton of fun we laughed and joked around a lot This was my favourite game of the weekend.
  Sorry I didn't get any pictures of my battles all the pictures I'm posting are stolen, my camera didn't have batteries and I didn't have time, or remember to get more when I could. We played a Zombies!! game Friday night that I won and one Saturday night that I totally bombed at.
  All in all it was a very successful weekend for me.
                                 There were 5 tables of daemon world there.
                                             (thats me in the purple robe.)


  1. Congrats on the prize! I saw you there a few times, cool outfit. It was my first gottacon.

  2. Wow, congratulations for the award! Did you tweak your list at all or did you go with the one you had in mind? And all your games were enjoyable so that's another plus. Keep up the good work :)

  3. I decided not to tweak my list. Time was running too short to test it and I didn't want any more stress since I was trying to get other stuff ready for the event. I am glad now that I didn't change my list. But I now see what units to add more of to my collection. The flamers and fiends were the stars of my games thats for sure.

  4. Good to know. After a tournament you learn a lot more about your army than a dozen casual games :)
    By the way when I looked at the first picture I thought that the top four players in the tournament were all girls and the three were very scantily clad for some reason...

  5. oh and can any one guess what im going to do with my new fortress of redemption???

  6. No as usual i was the only girl in the tournament, but i was showing a lot of cleavage, not sure if that was a fair distraction tactic or not but i sure didn't get any complaints...

  7. Well if that's the worst thing you did in the tournament then you must be a very sporting opponent indeed.