New Updated Gottacon list

Okay so I realised after the first trial game with the Gottacon tournament list I had previously picked out that my list was 50pts short. So I needed to revise it, unfortunately for a 1750 pt tournament list I don't have too much leeway of how I can alter my list as is only have about 2700pts built and 2000pts fully painted. Here is the list I am planning on taking as it has the least amount of finishing touches needed.
-1herald of Slaanesh with unholy might, transfixing gaze(attached to a unit of daemonettes)65pts
-1herald of Slaanesh on mount with unholy might, transfixing gaze(attached to a unit of seekers)80pts
-1herald of Slaanesh on mount with unholy might, transfixing gaze(attached to a unit of seekers)80pts
-10 deamonettes with champion and icon upgrade170pts
-10 deamonettes with champion and icon upgrade 170pts
-9 Pink horrors with icon and changeling upgrade 183pts
-2 Fiends one with unholy might 70pts
-6 flamers 210pts
Fast attack
-6 seekers 132pts
-7 seekers 149pts
-8 chaos furies 120pts
Heavy support
-1 soul grinder 135pts
-1daemon Princess with mark of slaanesh daemonic flight, breath of chaos, aura of acquessence, 185pts
Army Total=1749pts
Any tactic tips would be appreciated.


  1. As I said, this seems like a suboptimal list to me even though I must confess I don't really know much about Daemons. But some of the disadvantages of your army are pretty clear, like it's very poor anti-tank options. The only thing that could destroy a land raider is your Daemon Prince and then even he wouldn't be very effective at it. I realise that you go for the looks of a unit rather it's effectiveness but I think that you will struggle with this list.

    Let me know if you want me to elaborate more.

  2. well your right about not having alot of anti tank, except for the fact that almost all my units have rending so worse case senario a unit of seekers can rip into a tank. unfortunatley the only real solution to that i can manage would be to swap out a unit for a greater daemon. but i cant decide what unit to do that with as i would need 200pts min to put in the greater daemon.

  3. oh and flamers are great at anti tank if you can get them close enough to use their breath of chaos flame template that auto glances on a 4+

  4. Mmmmm you could take out the furies completely (I think they are the weakest link in the list) and trip some points from the seekers so you could afford a Keeper of Secrets with Unholy might (215pts). But then again I don't know much about the army so not sure what works and what not. You can try asking Brent, he knows a lot about Daemon army building.

  5. hmmm its a good thought. instead of diverting points from the seekers I would more likely divert points from the daemonette units. maybe I can squeeze in a trial game with someone with that change before then and see if I like it better.

  6. Wow, big ups! That's pretty awesome to take a "sub optimal" list and do so well. I bet you left lots of boys out there crying.

    As a fellow daemon player... one of the few... congrats!