A Geeky Girls New Years.

This new years I decided I did not want to deal with party mayhem so instead I invited Dezzy over to hang out have a few drinks and work on warhammer stuff. We were joined in this adventure by Ricalope and Chris. We were all quite productive and had a lot of fun, we learnt that 4 people in a small apartment all gluing stuff for 6 hours is toxic. We need to learn how to ventilate better. I spent the next 2 days recovering from glue poisoning. Here are pictures of us working on stuff....
                                     Dezzy starting the harpy conversion
                                       Chris sweet talking his zombies

       Ricalope's robot bits

my tower planning and frustration. 

an alter and a pond with an anaconda.

Dezzy still working on the harpy.
What a great new year celebration party. Next time, better ventilation. 

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  1. Hey, that's cool :) I did some painting on New Year's Eve too :)