Eilahn Herald of Slaanesh

When I was building the unit of seekers riding cats I was also building a herald to ride with them. She took a lot more work so was not finished at the same time, but once I had the seekers finished, I knew I needed her finished to ride with with them before I could field them. I was so excited when she was finished and eager to paint her that I forgot to take pictures. I ploughed through most of the base coats in a day and then spent about a week finishing up the fine details. It took a little longer before she got grass but her she is totally finished. I also couldn't decide what pictures to post so here are all the good ones. I think she likes the camera.

I have meaning to post this for a while, and so now I have a back log of posts that need to be done. So I apologize, I need to post more often. It is because of the people who follow my blog that I remember to take pictures, and my motivation to blog, so thank you for your support.

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