Intro and Daemmonettes

Hi, Welcome to my Gaming Blog.
I have been dating and living with an avid war-gamer for a while now so i guess being a gamer myself it would only be a mater of time before i picked it up. I decided that I really enjoyed the looks of the Daemons specifically the Slaaneshi daemons. (no Surprise to any who know me) I tried painting a couple of times before and with a master painter to teach me i picked up on it quickly. After reading the rulebooks and deciding what bases to put them on. I picked up my first box of daemonettes June 09. I put the models together without converting them to see if i could actually commit to painting the entire box before deciding to truly go ahead with this new hobby. The ideas I had in vision for this army are way beyond what I am told a Beginner to this hobby normally attempts. But I didn't let that discourage me.
This is the first unit of daemonettes I did as a trial unit.
(The dates on the pictures lie I have a bad habit of not setting the camera dates and time when I change the batteries)

I think they came out quite well and I even Freehanded tattoos on each one. I was so happy with them that I decided the next box would get converted. I don't like that each daemonette only comes with one breast and no nipples so first thing to do is sculpt a new breast on each one and give them nipples. (the nipples are beads found inside a Brita water filter)
I also decided that the needed more arms so I gave each one another arm.

This second unit turned out quite well too. After a few games of both units getting almost wiped out in the shooting phase i decided that maybe they needed to be squads of 15 instead of 10 so i am making more to join these squads.

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