Keeper Of Secrets WIP, Chaladran

This is my Keeper of Secrets. As my army so far is entirely female and I plan to continue it that way. I tried to think of how to make this model look female. I thought about getting a substitute female body to use but I could not find one that was the right size I even looked at toys. I thought about sculpting it. instead i have put it together with some extra talons and I am Deciding whether to add putty to make it appear more female or making it the only male in my army and giving him a big set of balls and a leopard print tabbard in the front only.


  1. I'd love to see you paint up this model to go with your army: http://www.ultraforgeminiatures.com/pleasuredemon.html

    Ultraforge has a lot of great alternatives for a reasonable price. I've heard lots of good things.

  2. Thanks for the link. That is one sexy model. I bookmarked the page and I might get her.