I hope you like Daemon worlds!

I have been greatly inspired to make terrain since gottacon. It started as being sick from gottacon and only working on terrain cause it was fun and easy to a month long terrain binge for the most part. I acomplished alot. I had a bunch of built stuff waiting to be finished from the terrain building open house weekend we had in preperation for gottacon, that I finished and I started and finished other stuff as well. here are some pics of all the stuff I have brought to compleation since my last post.
now with all my other terrain added to what I just finished. I now have an impressive looking 8x4 temple table.
I am quite happy with the way my daemon world is coming along so far and I have plots for a mountian with a waterfall and a stream. the word Oasis keeps floating around in my head since I like the way the water effects turns out I keep wanting to make more water terrain. oh and more walls and buildings of some sort with walls or something to provide cover. and of course more piles of rubble to represent broken/blown up wall. more trees too and maybe forest bases. Some strange chaos floating rocks would be cool too.


  1. Wow that's cool ... inspirational. I sorely need to rebuild my once proud terrain selection! Again bravo ... looks like you actually have potentially several tables worth of terrain .. for sure plenty of variety to keep things interesting :)

  2. Nice job! I especially like the water effects on that fountain. Have you thought about making any multi-story pieces for cityfights? Lots of possibilities there, too.

    Keep up the good work!