Castle Mountain Finished

I am quite behind on posts right now, this has been finished since Gottacon. As I finished it just in time for it to be played on by tournament players. I myself did not play in the tournament this year, but it was awesome seeing people enjoying the tables i brought to contibute. Here are pictures from Gottacon.

People playing on all 3 of my tables, castle mountain is in the middle.
I haven't taken any close up pictures but I figured the ones of these battles would do fine.
As I mentioned I did not play in the 40K tournament this year, I only played in the Warmachine doubles tournament. I was sad about the lack of really awesome terrain for the Warmachine tournament this year so I am determined to help that by having a few tables to provide for it for next year. I am already working on a 'water table'. Posts of that to come eventually.

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