A bunch of basing

I haven't posted in a while, but this is my third post today. My problem is that I multi task my geek stuff so much that it takes me a while to bring any one thing to compleation. It feels like it takes me forever to get anything done but then all of a sudden I have a whole bunch of stuff finished off around the same time and it feels like I have been ubber productive. Here are pics of what I finally got around to basing.
 1 Champion Fiend Bahira, (work in progress pics here)
Daemon Princess Sevorinia, (work in progress pics here)
and Daemon Princess Doranii. (work in progress pics here)
They look way better now that they are based.

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  1. Looking good! lol its awesome that you named them all and included that on the bases. I actually aspire to doing that with a standard marine army someday. Anytime I've named a character and I'm not talking about a known special character ... I mean one of my own. My Nurgle Demon Prince for example Lord Greengore ... once they are painted and have a name ... they seem to do much better in combat. Its uncanny and superstitious ... but I swear that painted and especially painted and named figures make more saves, hit more often, wound more often.