Lust Grinder Lilith PIP

Here is the first 2 stages of paint on the Lust Grinder that I commissioned Ricalope to build for me. 
Stage 1
Skin tones
Base coat Hormagaunt Purple
Heavy drybrush 50% hormagunt purple 50%white
light drybrush 75% white 25% hormagaunt purple

Stage 2
Claw, lower legs, Spines, Nipples and part of the Gun

Base coat Litch purple
Drybrush Hormagaunt purple
Wash Black

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of the first 2 stages, because this paint job will take a while I will post this one in stages. She still looks very unfinished to me, but I am only on to the third stage now.


  1. That's such a great model! I can recognize some eldar and tyranid bits, but how much of that torso is sculpted?

  2. Go here:(http://ricalopia.blogspot.com/search/label/Commission) you can see first hand how Ricalope built it, and how much of it is sculpted.

  3. she is now tagged under "Lilith" for easy viewing: http://ricalopia.blogspot.com/search/label/Lilith