First Convention Excitement!

There is going to be a gaming convention near me! Gottacon 2010.
I have been gifted a ticket and asked to bring my army. This will be my first ever convention. I am very excited. I am unsure about entering the tournament though. I would need to have 1750 pts fully painted by then. I might be able to do it if I paint like a mad woman. I also have some terrain that I need to finish by then, as Ricalope is supplying a good portion of the terrain for the event and since all my terrain is mixed with his it will be going too. As an avid wearer of costumes (any chance I get really) I think I will wear a costume to this event. It would seem fitting if I dressed in theme with my army, even though I'm not sure If that would be too unfair of a distraction.
Ok thats it for now I just had to get that off my chest :P
Another post on Lilith to come soon. I promise.

*Edit* a few days after this post I found out that there will be a costume contest , but there are no details about it yet. So now my head is coming up with better and better ways to turn me into a daemonette. I think it is time to go corset shopping. Also my worries about not having enough points painted  in time for the tournament are a little silly as I just finished tallying up all my fully painted models. As of right now with minimum upgrades I have 1566 points and it fits into a force org. its not 1750 but its not too far off, its just not the army i would want to be bringing, in my mind its not balanced enough. I have plotted out my ideal 1700 pts that I would like to bring but it would mean that I would have a lot to get finished before then. So we will see either way I can enter and show off my army. I will have something fully ready by then It might not be my ideal list but it will fit into a force org and be only fully painted&based models. I am really excited!

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