Lust Grinder Lilith PIP (Part 2)

Here are the next couple of paint stages on Lilith, the lust grinder I commissioned Ricalope to build for me. Sorry the stage 3 pictures are very dark.
Stage 3
Lower Body, Claws and Hooves
Claws and Hooves
Base coat bleaced bone
Heavy Wash 50%litch purple 50% warlockpurple
light wash bleached bone 
highlight bleachedbone

Lower body
Touch up black
Drybrush one direction Enchanted blue
Drybrush the other direction 75% Litch purple 25% Warlock purple
extreme higlights on some places with both colors
(once she is all done I will be making a watered down sparkly glaze to put over it but that will be one of the very last steps shortly after touch ups. I did a tester to see how it would look)

Stage 4
Gems, Joints, vents, ribbing and wires
Joints, vents, ribbing and wires
Base coat 75% Litch purple 25% Warlock purple
Midtone Warlock purple
Highlight Blazing orange

Basecoat Enchanted blue
Midtone Ice blue
Highlight Spacewolf grey 
Glare done with White
Basecoat 75% Hawk turquoise 25% Regal blue
Midtone Hawk turquoise
Highlight Iceblue
Glare done with White 
Basecoat dark angels green
Midtone Snot green
Highlight Scorpion green
Glare done with White

ok thats it for now must get back to painting her some more hope you liked the second sneak peek.

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