Lust Grinder Lilith Finished

I finally finished her. The lust grinder I commissioned Ricalope to build for me. Stage 6 went easily after I finally stopped nitpicking over the tiny details.  I decided to add head tattoos in Space wolf grey highlighted with Ice blue. and I added tattoos on her legs in Enchanted blue highlighted with hawk turquoise. once I finally decided I was finished I put the grass on the base. Then I gave her a spay with Purity seal. once that was dry I gave the black armour parts a coat of gloss varnish watered down with very metallicy water, I did this by cleaning out my water pot and putting a small amount of water back in and adding a glob of boltgun metal to it. I also added a coat of gloss to the nipples and gems and crystals. It was nice out today so lots of light so all the pictures turned out more or less and im having a hard time deciding what ones to use so im going to post them all.


  1. Wow, now that is cool. Top-notch conversion and great colour scheme. Though it is a bit busy in some ways, I think it suits Slaanesh perfectly.

    The only thing I'm not too keen on is the eyes - I think they would have looked better solid (as in all one colour).

    Great work, keep it up!

  2. That is creepy in a whole host of ways. Good job!

  3. Really creepy man. Perfect for slaanesh. Love the boobie tassles.

  4. @ Itkovian, I have been unhappy with the eyes too but ive been unsure of how to change them. I thought of doing it all one color but before i did it the way it is now i did it all one color and it didn't look right either. I have a new idea now, and ill post it once its changed.