Keeper of Secrets Chaladran Finished

She is finally finished. Here are the final 3 stages....
(other stages found here: Build in progress, Putty, Paint Stages 1-4)
Stage 5
Base coat Mithral silver
Wash blue ink
Highlight Mithral silver
Base coat Shining gold
Highlight Burnished gold

Stage 6
Gem & Touchups
Base coat Enchanted blue
Midtone Ice blue
Highlight Spacewolf grey
Extreeme highlight White
Coat varnish

Stage 7
Rimjob, name, grass
and final pics.

The rim job is of course black and her name is writen in spacewolf grey, and I also only use green grass as with the rest of my army.
I hope you enjoyed the final pics, She turned out very well, I am quite proud of her.
keep watch for posts of Lilith, she is almost done the first stage of painting now and I will be posting it soon.

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  1. I realized after posting this that I had forgotten to do the final highlight on her teeth, its done now and they look a lot better