Christmas and Boxing day productivity

I was very productive this holiday weekend. I painted a river that is 13 sections long, I started building the other 5 sections for the river, I modified a crater I plan on turning into a pond. I started painting some forest bases, I built a tower and prepared some stuff for priming and I brought the hill with a fountain closer to completion.
Wow when i type it out it doesn't sound like that much. but it spans 2 work tables so maybe pictures would help. This is all still work in progress, The layers of water effects take a lot of drying time, so you will get finished product pictures later. I'm just very proud of my self for how much I accomplished this weekend

                                                       The  river

                                                    The forest bases

 The crater

The tower

The Hill with fountain

                                                            Full work tables   

I also worked on a secret project. More pictures and info to come on the revealing of this project soon. (winks)

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