The Main Hall

I want a big modular castle. This is going to be the main hall.
I already have some tall walls and some wall rubble pieces, next would be some watch towers and maybe a moat and drawbridge with gate house. The wall bits used to make this three part hall were from the Pegasus Gothic city building and the Gothic city ruins kits. Then I used some wooden stir sticks and side walk plastic card for the flooring and purple Styrofoam for the base. this was daunting to paint, so much surface area. Good thing modular pieces are done a bit at a time.

With the new release of the battle missions book of course comes the need for mission specific terrain. The daemons mission calls for a warp gate. Well here is mine. I wanted it to be an arch way that the daemons can walk through. I decided to make the purple tile so it had a "red carpet" effect.

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