Game Today

Today I get to play a game. I am teaming up with Chris and his Chaos marines. We are each fielding 1500 pts. Against 3000pts of Ricalope's Imperials.  Up until now I have been playing with a lot of fantasy stand-in's from Ricalope's chaos daemons army for fantasy. But today I am fielding only my own models and only painted or at least primed models.  Here it is 1500 pts of Daemons I will be fielding. (looks small to me)

This is the first wave. It consists of: 1Herald, 12 Pink Whores, 8 Chaos Furies, 5 Flamers, 14 Daemonettes.

This is the Reserves, It Consits of: The Masque, 14 Daemonettes, 1 Fiend, Daemon Princess Dorani.

I am excited about this game teaming up with the chaos marines usually goes well. Working with Chris is a good learning experience from me as I am still not a very good general and for some reason the added firepower from the marines seems to be a major bonus. For game photos and a way better log than I could write up keep a watch of Ricalopes blog, he will post it quick im sure. I might post how I felt things should have gone diffrently. but for now I should try to find the rechargeable batteries for the camera an decide what kind of city fight mission to have i think ill pick 2 and then let Chris pick one.

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