Daemon Princess Sevorinia

I had a very productive couple of days off, well productive in the hoby aspect I didn't get much of anything else done. But from start to finish I got Sevorinia painted, (more work in progress pics here) she still needs to be based but she is fully painted. I had put her together before hand and then she sat on the shelf for a bit while i decided how to paint her and wether she needed a bit more converting. turns out that she did need some more converting. I added guitar wire dreads and gave her nipples since i had decided to paint the pvc suit like her skin and all the gashes in it like cuts. I think it really adds to the streatched deamon look.
here she is before primer.

 I did take some paint in progress pictures but not all of them are the greatest but here they are anyways.

And now finally for the finished pictures. I am very proud of her I think this is my best job yet.

She will get bassed soon i have a few things that need basing now, so ill do them all together.

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  1. As to the Keeper of Secerets (Lord of Change) and combineing it with the whole Slaanesh Prince(ss) of Pleasure army, give it all three choices. A hermaphrodite as it were.

    As my son says about his Slaanish army, "Porn for the Porn God, Babes for the Babe throne."